Fact and Rumor.

The '91 foot ball pictures are now out.

Mack has stopped training the Exeter nine.

Phelan '91, has been elected captain of the Exeter nine.

Twenty-five men are training for the Exeter base ball team.

The candidates for the Yale nine are now playing out doors.

Doran, who pitched for New Haven last season is coaching the Cornell nine.

There will probably be another examination in German 1a before the vacation.

The Yale freshman nine will play against West Haven on Friday, March 27.

The next theme in English B, an exposition, is due the first Tuesday after the recess.

The nine, which is captained by Wood '91, will play the Newburypert nine on Fast Day.

The marks in History 14 were out yesterday. A make up examination was held in the afternoon.

A theme is due Monday in French 2 on the History of the "Foundation of the French Verb."

Themes in English B from Totten to Ware inclusive, will not be returned until Monday, March 31st at 1 p. m., when they can be had in University 2.

The average weight of the Oxford and Cambridge crews which rowed Saturday are 175 lbs. and 165 lbs. respectively.

At the recent athletic meeting of the Lafayette Athletic Association, Lehigh took eleven out of twelve of the first prizes which were open to them.

The concert of the Memorial Hall waiters will take place Thursday night in Odd Fellows Hall. The programme is long and attractive.

The score or 142-0 made by the Williams eleven against a local Troy team is the largest score recorded during the past season.

In French 2 there will be no more daily exercises on the fables. A theme on Professor Cohn's lectures is due on March 30, and a theme on Balzac's Eugiene Grandet April 15.

The M. A. C. has arranged the following dates with college teams for April: 1, Yale; 4, Columbia; 8, Jaspers; 11, Dartmouth. These games will be played at the old Polo Grounds.