Crew Notes.

Owing to the storm yesterday the 'varsity crew was obliged to leave the river and row in the tank. Kelton '93, and Lynam, M. S., were absent, so the crew rowed as follows:

Stroke, Perkins, 4 Powers,

7 Winthrop, 3 Shaw,

6 Vail, 2 Watriss,

5 Rantoul, Bow, Jones.

At the boat house things presented a dreary spectacle. When the crew went down at 4 o'clock the wind had swung around to the west, and the air, filled with driving snow, was growing colder. The snow was falling so thickly that the Weld Boat House could hardly be seen. The water in front of the boat house was thick with snow, and a few pieces of ice were floating down the river.

Captain Perkins and Adams had a long consultation on the float and finally decided that, owing to the ice and snow, the crew had better row in the tank.

The sophomore crew is also hard at work. The training has become slightly more strict, and a record is kept of the bed hour of every man. The weights of the men are taken regularly twice a week. According to the last record the weights were as follows: Baldwin 139, Bisbee 157, Brewer 154 1-2, Burgess 152, Davis 166, Earle 171, Hathaway 161, Maynard 157 1-2, Miller 157, and Slade 172.