St. Paul's Society.

The St. Paul's Society has not been in as flourishing a condition of late as it should be and last night Mr. William C. Sturgis, '84, of the Saint Andrew's Brotherhood, spoke some timely words on the subject of reorganization. He said that men are apt to get their sympathies greatly narrowed under the pressure of their work here without stopping to think that they have duties to their fellow-collegians. The Saint Paul's Society might afford an admirable means of fulfilling these duties if the members would only realize it. Mr. Sturgis then suggested that the society be organized on an entirely new basis, that the Bible class which has already been started be supported by the best efforts of every man, and that the members make attempts to get freshmen to join the class, as well as the society itself and thus help to bring these men under good influences instead of letting them all yield to, or resist temptation alone and in their own way.

After the address several excellent suggestions were made, some of which will probably be immediately acted upon, as to carrying out the plans suggested by Mr. Sturgis. Three new members were elected to the society, T. G. Bremer, H. H. Hilliard and F. B. Hilliard. The society also voted to have a committee appointed to consider helping to stock the library of Memphis Hall, Tennessee, where men are trained for work among the colored poor.