Entries for the U. T. A. C. A.

The entries for the games between Harvard and Yale, which take place next Saturday, are the following:

100 yards dash-Harvard: E. C. Moen '91; J. S. Cook '92; O. K. Hawes '92; W. L, Thompson '93; J. P. Lee '91; O. W. Shead '93; A. L. Shapleigh '92; J. Hale, Jr., S. S.

Yale-C. H. Sherrill, Jr., L. S.; A. H. Jones '93; L. W. Day '93; S. M. Van Ingen '93, S.

220 yards dash-Harvard: Moen, Cook. Hawes, Thompson, Lee, Shapleigh, W. H. Wright '92.

Yale-Sherrill, Jones, Kitchell, Lassell, Day, Van Ingen.

440 yards run-Harvard: T. J. Stead '91; F. W. McNear '91; S. Wells, Jr., '91; E. S. Mullins '93; Wright J. Corbin '92; G. L. Batchelder '92; S. V, R. Crosby '91; Merrill '94.

Yale-Sherrill, Jones; S. Schoville, Jr., '93; W. B. Wright, Jr., '92; A. H. Morse '93; F. Leonard, Jr., L. S.; J. H. Goss '94; E. S. Witherbee '93. S; E. M. Stothors '94.

Half-mile run-Harvard: Corbin, Batchelder, Wright, Crosby, Merrill, H. C. Lakin '94; A. M. White '92, Guy Lowell '92; F. F. Carr L. S.; Blake, Cohen.

Yale-Wright, Schoville, W. W. Ellsworth, P. G.; A. L. Reynolds '91; C. Z. Curtis '94; A. C. Williams '92.

Mile run-Harvard: White, Carr, Lowell, Blake, Merrill, Nichols '94; G. Collamore '93; J. Manley '93.

Yale-Ellsworth, A. C. Williams, Curtis, Wright, Schfield, J. P. Lloyd '91.

120 yards hurdle race-Harvard: Lee, White, Moffit, G. R. Fearing '93; K. Brown '91; H. M. Wheelwright '94; W. N. Duane '92.

Yale-Van Ingen, Stothers, Witbeck, H. L. Williams '91; D. B. Lyman '94; A. L. Reynolds '91.

220 yards hurdle race-Harvard: Fearing, Lee, McNear, Moffitt, Brown. Wheelwright, Duane, Stead, V. S. Rothschild '91.

Yale-Lyman, H. L. Williams, Van Ingen, Day, Lassell, Reynolds, S. H. Pearce '91, S.

Mile walk-Harvard: R. S. Hale '91, A. L. Endicott '94; S. C. Brackett '91; C. R. Bardeen '93; S. H. Bell '94.

Yale-S. H. Bunnell '91, S. B. Bissell '94.

Bicycle race-Harvard: R. H. Davis '91, P. W. Davis '94, F. S. Pratt '94, T. W. Barron '91.

Yale-F. A. Clarke, '91 S., W. B. Wade '93. E. E. Gates '91 S., J. W. Allen '93, G. Greene '94, L. P. W. Marvin '92.

Running high jump-Harvard: Fearing. Lee, Duane, A. H. Green '92, G. C. Chaney '94, Bowman, E. B. Bloss '94, T. P. Sherwin '94.

Yale-Kitchell, Lyman, H. L. Williams, G. G. Dickinson '94, D. G. Tenney '91, C. G. Turnbull '93.

Running broad jump-Harvard: Bloss, Green, Moffit, J. Hale, Jr., Shead.

Yale-H. L. Williams, Kitchell, Reynolds. Wright, J. C. Hammond, Jr., '92 S., F. W. Yates '93, E. D. Ryder '91.

Pole vault-Harvard: Wheelwright, Green, Duane, Sherwin, W. Hoag '94.

Yale-Ryder, O. G. Cartwright '93, G. J. Briggs '93, F. C. Walcott '91, G. F. VanSlyck '94, G.C. Treadwell, S.

Hammer-Harvard: J. R. Finlay '91, Evins '93, H. R. Allen '92.

Yale-H. H. Elcock, M. S., S. N. Morison '92, W. W. Heffelfinger '91, A. L. Reynolds '91, T. F. Bayard, Jr., L. S.

Shot-Harvard: Finlay, Evins, Allen, Shea.

Yale-Elcock, H. S. Williams, Heffelfinger, Morison, Bayard.

Although there are a great number of men entered, neither college can start more than 6 men in the 100 and 220 yds. dashes, more than three men in the 440 yds., nor more than 4 men in the other track events, but in the field events any number of men may compete.