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An official notice appears in another column of the new department of study which the college has established. It is by no means surprising that this department has been added; because in late years the need for it has been very steadily growing. The want was supplied in part, we believe, through the work of the Summer Schools. Their limits, however, did not include many vital points of a complete system of Pedagogy; and the establishment of a permanent department to continue throughout the year was the only reasonable course left open.

The details of the plan have not yet been altogether completed; yet in even those which are published one cannot fail to note the extreme working practicability of the plans. One feature, it will be seen, is to have eminent and successful instructors show as far as possible exactly how they have accomplished their purposes. Another feature is to make a personal study of the practical operations of the excellent schools in Cambridge, Boston and vicinity.

It is not too much to predict sure success for the new department of instruction; a success, moreover, that will at once increase the number who will seek the advantages of the University, and that will make far more active the present functions of Harvard.