The Freshman Game.

Yesterday afternoon the freshman nine played a short five innings game with the Stonehams and were defeated by the score of 8 to 1. Howe and Mason were the Stoneham's battery.

This afternoon at three the Harvard-Yale freshman game will be played on Holmes Field. The make-up of the Harvard team will be Minton p., Cabot c., Dickinson 1b., Lowell 2b., Cabot 3b., Quigley s.s., Clarke l.f., Frothingham c.f., Harding r.f., with Cabot and Linnfield as substitutes. The Yale team has finally been decided upon and will play as follows: Case p., Kedzie c., Walcott 1b., Skinker 2b., Rustin 3b., Beale s.s, Biglow l.f., McCormick r.f., Bliss c.f. The substitutes are Jenkins, Eaton and George. Two of these men, it will be seen, are 'varsity substitutes, and therefore will be unable to play on the 30th, the date of the second game.

The freshman nine have been very erratic in their work this spring, but in some games have given proof of their ability to put up a good game of ball; this afternoon is the time for the men to show what they are made of. The team can play good ball and all that is expected is for them to try to play well and not give grand stand exhibitions nor throw the ball all over the field.