No Headline

It is plain from the crew manager's report at the freshman class meeting yesterday that Ninety-four is in a bad way. So serious an aspect have affairs taken that it seems doubtful whether the freshmen shall be allowed to go to New London. That such a doubt can exist for a moment is a disgrace to the class which is responsible for the present crisis. There is no use now, however, in blaming the class for what it has neglected to do. If it is any incentive for the class to look back on its record of illiberal giving, we hope that it will note that it has been utterly remiss. What the college wants, however, is for the class to look forward, to see exactly what it has before it, and to do its duty speedily. Look at this, Ninety-four! Within one week from today your crew must be at New London. Twelve hundred dollars must be raised to send it to New London. The conclusion is that the freshman class must raise this sum of money within the week. We say 'must': it is utterly out of the question of choice. Fancy Harvard's forfeiting an important race because of no money! The class responsible for such a record would go down as the worst that ever tried to represent Harvard.