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President Hall of Clark University has consented to deliver the Phi Beta Kappa oration at Brown University this year.

The German courses at the University of Michigan are more fully attended than at Harvard, claims the U. of M. Daily.

The Cambridge Manual Training School plays the Somerville High School on the Y. M. C. A. grounds on Spruce Street, this afternoon.

Brown University students are taking steps for the erection of a building for the use of religious organizations at the university.

The spring tennis tournament at Yale has begun. The winner will play R. P. Huntington Jr., for the championship of the university.

The Harvard cup, presented by the alumni to St. Paul's School for the club making the most points in track athletics has been won by the Isthniams.

Candidates for the degree of A. M. this year will hand in the Long Paper on or before June 13; Candidates for other degrees on or before June 17; all others by June 20.

This week's Harper's Weekly has sixteen excellent pictures of collegiate champions; the six Harvard men are Fearing, Lee, Hale, Bloss, Davis, and Finlay.

All the reserved seats for the I. S. A. A. games have been sold, and two more sections have been reserved. The only unreserved seats will be those by the hospital and by the backstop.

The Butterfingers beat the Ward McAllisters 10 to 7. Odell's pitching was the poorest ever seen on Jarvis Field, and had it not been for excellent support the score would have been far greater.