Special Notice.

A Collins & Fairbanks hat bearing inside the leather band the name of the owner was taken from Memorial Hall Saturday evening. Will the man who took this hat return the same to the head waiter?

LOST. - Note book covers containing loose sheets of Fine Arts 4 notes. Finder please notify C. H. Slade.

8 FOXCROFT.TUTORING in History I, II, XII, and Physics B.



25 Weld.TUTORING in Pol. Econ. 1 and 4, and History 12.

W. PAUL, '89,Address Box 17. Cambridge.ENGLISH A. - Tutoring in the principles of rhetoric.

11-12; 4.30-5.30.



12 Weld.TUTORING in Botany 2.


Address, 37 Inman St.

22-25.LOST. - A check for $21.00 drawn on bank of Republic, St. Louis; probably in University 6. Finder will receive suitable reward if he will kindly return the check to

L. F. CULVER, W., 45.TUTORING in German A, B, C and E and other German courses.

D. BLANSTEIN,54 College House.CHEM. A. - The New Chemistry pages 28-236 will be read with comments at 7 p. m, Fee $2.00.

30 HOLLIS.PHILOSOPHY 1. - Men who wish to review the Logic with me are reminded that they must make arrangements at once.

FRANK B. BRANDT,HARVARD UNION. - The subject for the Harvard Union debate Friday evening when the speakers for the Yale debate will be chosen is the same as that of English 6 this afternoon, namely, on the "Federal Election Bill."

J. M. PERKINS,President.