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Every time the examination period comes round the petty annoyances of our examination system are more enforced upon the minds of all. It would seem that some of these might be done away with by the Faculty. The rule, for instance, which requires students to hand in blue books is one of the biggest nuisances extant, not only to students but to instructors as well. For a week before the examinations begin men are continually admonished that they must have their blue books in before a certain time. In the end some of them forget to get the books in; and then when the morning of the examination comes there is considerable confusion before they can get settled for work, and in consequence they lose valuable time. Sometimes when the books are handed in they are lost or misplaced. In some way, and then the confusion is worse than ever. All the trouble would be obviated if the college would furnish the blue books for all of the examinations. One or two of the instructors have tried this plan and have found it admirable. They have been spared the bother of looking through the books handed in; and on the morning of the examination there has been no possible confusion, because no cause for it could arise. If the college cannot afford to furnish the blue books free of charge, every man would be glad to pay something to escape the semi-annual bother of handing them in before the examinations. Let there be a regular charge on the term bill for this service just as for many others.