Boston and Albany Trains.

On the subject of the special trains for Springfield today, the CRIMSON had a very pleasant talk with the General Traffic Manager of the Boston and Albany Railroad, and learned the difficulties which stood in the way of scheduling any special trains after 8.35. As there are regular trains for Springfield at 10.30 and 11, and as these are run faster than the heavy special trains, it is necessary to start of the special trains well ahead of 10.30. Then allowance has to be made for more than one section to the 8.35 train, if the crowd is as large as usual. Besides these special trains the railroad has engaged to run three trains of private parlor cars. All these trains must be sent off before half past ten, and 8.35 is none too early to begin. The road is very desirous of handling the big crowd most satisfactorily and has taken the best steps towards doing so.

There are other circumstances which make it impossible to run the trains at the last minute. As all the side seats are reserved this year, it will take a long while to get the crowd in their proper places. On this point the Springfield management asked the railroad to co-operate and prevent crowding at the last minute.