Cheering the Eleven.

If there has been an impression running about - an impression caused by utter ignorance of the team's playing - that Harvard's eleven was a poor one and not worth the confidence of the college, that feeling was effectually crushed by yesterday's enthusiastic send off. No one who saw that crowd or heard that cheering could have any question about the confidence the men felt in their team. They cheered as if they trusted the men they were cheering; there was no half-heartedness about it.

By the time that the two barges drew up in front of Leavitt & Peirce's at quarter of three the crowd had all ready begun to collect; and when the team began to take their seats, the cheers which greeted them came from a crowd that blocked the whole street. The cheering was led by Gardner Perry from the steps of one of the barges. After cheering every man on the team, "three big ones" were given for Arthur Cumnock and Perry Trafford. The substitutes, the captain of the second eleven, J. H. Sears, Cranston, Crosby and Dr. Conant were all cheered vociferously; and as the barges drove off, the crowd, led by K. Fairbank L. S., sent after them cheer after cheer for Harvard. The proceedings ended with a "motley yell" led by J. A. Wilder '93.