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IT seems almost unpardonable perhaps to take up again the old, old complaint about the baths in the gymnasium; but on the other hand it is of little credit to the University that we are put to such great inconveniencies, - inconveniencies which we have born now for not a few years. The addition of new lockers this fall has given a chance for increased attendance at the gymnasium, but we still lack a sufficient number of baths. We must continue to plead for baths and perhaps we shall finally get them.

There is not room for more baths, however, in the gymnasium as it now stands. We even cannot well increase much more the number of lockers without encroaching on some exercising apparatus. The fact is that we want a larger gymnasium, where we can have more and better baths, as well as other necessities. There is ground enough about the building to add a new wing, and until that is done we must continue apparently to go without necessary accommodations. We do not ask for luxuries, for Turkish baths or hot air rooms or swimming tanks, - these are beyond present possibilities. We ask only for ordinary baths, sufficient in number and properly arranged, - and these we can obtain, so far as we see, only by enlarging Hemenway gymnasium.