The Game at Springfield.

The following men will act as ushers at the game this afternoon: Short, Whitman, Lane, Hervey, Murchie, Falk, Carey, Pillsbury, White, Hawes, R. D. Wrenn, P. W. Wrenn, D. W. Shea, Bond, Foss, Wilder, S. M. Merrill, Coffin, E. G. Merrill, Beals, Macallister, Borden, Peirce, Spalding, Taylor, Sharp, Furber, Bisbee, Sears, Miller, Shead, and Ellsworth.

The game will commence at 2 p. m., not at 2.30 as has been reported.

Last evening, members of the Glee Club spent some time with the team, and by their singing kept the men's minds off the game. J. Wendell, '91 and other good story tellers were also on hand.