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In the tennis tournament now being held in the Chicago Auditorium, Ryerson and Caryer defeated Wright and Malcom Chase. S. T. Chase beat Wright, Ryerson beat Clark, S.T. Chase beat Ryerson and C. A. Chase beat Elting.

Two prizes of $100 and $200 have been offered to the students of John Hopkins for the best essays on the advantages which the primpt construction of the Nicaragua canal would bring to the United States and the importance of humane education in colleges.

The class elevens at the Univ. of Penn. have not yet decided the championship. The winning eleven are to receive small silver foot-balls from the University management.

Dartmouth has obtained the use of the New Hampshire Building at the World's Fair, for a "Dartmouth Day" when there will be a reunion of the students and alumni.

The design for the cover of the Yale Glee Club program for the Christmas trip is a cut of the grand stand at the Field, the entrance to the new gymnasium, and the boat house.

The remaining games in the interclass football contest for the championship and the Cuyler Cup at Princeton which were to have been played after Thanksgiving, have been postponed till spring.