Ninety-Five Crew.

The prospects for the ninety-five crew are very bright this year, for all who rowed in the freshman boat, will try again this year, and will have to row on their class crew as they are too light for the 'varsity. Potter, Cameron, Eddy, and Davis are all with the 'varsity squad just at present, but Eddy seems to be the only man heavy enough for a permanent position in the boat. Eighteen men answered the call of Captain Briggs this afternoon, of these, nearly all are very light and inexperienced, though some good men are among the number, notably Cockrell, whose strength test is the highest in college, Hitch, Peele, and Capen. Lambert and Murchie last year's substitutes are likely to till vacancies, if any occur.

The ninety-five crew will begin work at once on the rowing machines, and the men will be sifted down as rapidly as possible.

The other class crews probably will not begin work until after the Christmas holidays.