New Harvard Song Book.

A new Harvard song book, compiled by R. T. Whitehouse '91 and F. Bruegger '92, has just been published by the Oliver Ditson Company and is now on sale in Cambridge. The book is very attractively bound in a light paper with the title and the 'varsity Glee Club seal in red ink on the front cover, the back cover being blank. It contains thirty-five songs, among which will be found nearly all the most popular of those sung by the Glee Club in the last three years.

The most striking feature of the songs is the remarkable number which have been composed or arranged by Harvard undergraduates; the words or music, or both, of nearly twenty of them originated among the students here in Cambridge. Among those which have never been published in any college collection may be mentioned: "Wake Not, but hear Me, Love," by L. S. Thompson '92; "Faint Heart Ne'er won Fair Lady," by R. T. Whitehouse '91; "The Hoodoo," by L. S. Thompson '92 and L. F. Berry '92, arranged as sung by the latter last fall; "The Moonlighter," by E. H. Abbott '93; "Mrs. Craigin's Daughter," "The Party at Odd Fellows Hall," and "Wine and Woman" (from the "Obispah") by R. W. Atkinson '91; "Romeo and Juliet," words by L. F. Berry '92, as sung last spring by C. T. Dole '93 and F. Bruegger '92; "Boreen" and "Wing Tee Wee" by P. L. Atherton '93 and the '91 foot ball song; some of these songs, however, have been published separately. The collection bids fair, from these advantages, to supersede other similar works and become the representative Harvard song book.

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