Entries for the Third Winter Meeting.

The entries for the third Winter Meeting closed earlier than the others so that the handicaps in the Fence Vault and Running High Jump could be made out by the official handicapper. The events with the men in order in which they entered are the following:

Fencing. - T. Richardson '94, J. C. Hancock '95, S. Borden, Jr. '94, C. N. Barney M. S., F. L. DeLong, L. S., J. Caswell '95.

Broadsword. - J. C. Hancock '95, P. R. Turnure '93, R. Stone '93.

Horizontal Bar. - R. Macallister '93, F. W. Moore '93, S. B. McNear '95, C. R. Bardeen '93.

Club Swinging. - James D. Hill, L. S., A. Gehring '95.

Tumbling (invitation). - C. B. Earle '94, W. J. Nagle, B. Y. M. C. U., C. B. Liddell, B. Y. M. C. U., R. D. Farquhar '93.

Fence Vault (handicap by reach; invitation). - T. Connor, B. M. C. U., G. A. Davis '95, E. H. Daniels, P. E. A. A.

Running High Jump. - (handicap 3 in. limit; invitation) - T. E. Sherwin '94, L. P. Sheldon, P. A. A. A., C. D. Hewgood, M. I. T. A. A., J. E. Morse, B. A. A., G. R. Fearing '93, A. H. Green '92, E. B. Bloss '94, F. K. Richardson Dn., H. M. Wheelwright '94, S. M. Merrill '94, S. C. Richardson '94, G. C. Chaney '94.

The officers of the meeting will be as follows:

Referee. - G. B. Morrison '83.

Judges of Gymnastics. - A. T. Dudley '87 and John Graham.

Judges of General Events. - E. H. Kip '83 and G. S. Mandell '89.

Referee of Fencing. - Dr. T. A. DeBlois.

Judges of Fencing. - W. Clark Noble and J. C. Potter.