Fact and Rumor.

The Columbia freshman crew is already rowing in a shell.

There are only 13 candidates for the Williams freshman nine.

F. J. Feeley has been elected captain of the Brown Freshman nine.

Morton Hiscox, '93, has been chosen editor-in chief of the Amherst Student.

Donnell '93, has been appointed manager of the Columbia freshman crew.

The class of '94 of the Technology has accepted '95's challenge to an athletic contest.

The examination in Philosophy 1, on Wednesday, will be held in Upper Massachusetts.

The Western trip of the Amherst Glee and Banjo Clubs will include twelve or thirteen concerts.

The National Republican Convention at Amherst, held recently, netted the base ball association $180.

One of the members of the senior class was seen in the yard, yesterday, dressed in his cap and gown.

There will be an hour examination in History 1, on April 4, covering all the work since the midyears.

Out of a total of 221 students at Alleghany College 192 are members of Greek letter societies.

Vanderbilt has more graduate students than any other university in the South, except Johns Hopkins.

The Mandolin Club will play at the concert of Mr. L. T. Romero, on March 31st, at Chickering Hall, Boston.

Amherst ranks sixth among all the colleges in the country, in respect to the amount of her endowment fund. - Ex.

George Goldie of the N. Y. A. C. has been secured to train the candidates for the Yale Mott-Haven team, for a few days.

A special meeting of the New York Athletic Club will be held next Thursday to consider the advisability of erecting a new club house.

The Amherst chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society has established a series of four lectures to be known as the Phi Beta Kappa course.

President Andrews, of Boston University, will probably not accept Dr. Harper's call to a chair in the graduate department of Chicago University.

The following men will probably be on the Brown team: Sexton, Tenney, Weeks, Jones, Steere, Magill, George, Cooke and Feeley. - Brown Herald.

The University of Michigan, is about to organize a Western Intercollegiate Base Ball League, comprising the North Western University, University of Minn., University of Wis., and Chicago University.