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Following previous custom, the management puts on sale today, season tickets. To men who are at college this year, for the first year, a word about the tickets is, perhaps, necessary. They are just like the foot ball season tickets, giving a man entrance to each university game in Cambridge, besides allowing him a place in a reserved section at the games with Yale and Princeton. As a matter of economy it is in the interest of everyone to get a season ticket; for of the twenty or so games to be played in Cambridge outside of the Yale and Princeton games it is highly probable that he will go to at least six or eight. Then, too, this is the only way in which the college can support the nine; there are no subscriptions. The nine, moreover, is in special need of funds this year, as the absence of games with Yale last spring seriously lessened its resources. The sale of season tickets is the only large source from which it can derive support until the first Princeton game, which is not played until the first week in May.