Harvard's Open Games.

On May 7, the Athletic Association is to hold handicap games on Holmes' Field, open to all amateurs. The following are the track events: 120 yards hurdle, 100 yards dash, one mile bicycle safety, one mile walk, 880 yards run, 220 yards hurdle, 440 yards run, 2 mile bicycle safety, one mile run, and 220 yards dash. The field events are putting the shot, throwing the hammer, running high jump, running broad jump, pole vault. Columbia, Princeton and Yale, have been challenged to run a one mile team race, four men to constitute a team, each man to run one-quarter of a mile.

Silver cups will be given to the first three men in each event. Contestants in bicycle races must state what kind of wheel they ride, whether pneumatic, cushion, or solid tire. The entrance fee is 50 cents, and entries must be made on A. A. U. blanks, to R. B. Beals, 23 Weld, as early as April 27. Reserved seats will be put on sale, April 23, at B. A. A., Boston, Wright & Ditson's, Boston, W. C. Dole's, New Haven, Leavitt & Pierce's, Cambridge, and Putnam & Davis', Worcester.