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The college cannot but receive with the greatest relief and satisfaction the news that Professor Palmer has decided to refuse the offer made him by Chicago University and to remain at Harvard. As anyone who comes in contact with the philosophical department must realize at once. Professor Palmer's position in that department is one that it would have been almost impossible adequately to fill, and Harvard has reason to congratulate herself that she is not forced to try to fill it.

But Harvard has reason to do more than merely congratulate herself that she is to retain an invaluable instructor. The opportunities held out to Professor Palmer by his offer from Chicago were of the most brilliant and dazzling nature. His field would have been very wide, his position conspicuous, and his chance for self-advancement unusually great, yet all these attractions were not sufficient. Exactly what the considerations were that kept him with us, this is not the place to discuss. Whatever they were this one thing is certain, that they were sufficient to make him decline an offer that must have been tempting in the extreme in order to retain his position here, and of this fact Harvard may well be proud.