A New Professor in Political Economy.

Among the recent additions to the teaching force of the University, is that of Professor W. J. Ashley, whose appointment as professor of Economic History was confirmed last Wednesday by the Board of Overseers. Professor Ashley is a graduate of Oxford, England, and has been professor of political economy for some years at Toronto, Canada. His publications have been chiefly in the field indicated by the title of his professorship, - Economic History, - but he has written on a wide range of topics. He is a comparatively young man, but has give evidence of high attainments as a teacher and scholar.

For next year, Professor Ashley will offer two courses, which, unfortunately, could not be settled on in time for their announcement in the elective pamphlet just issued. He will give Economics 10, a course on the Economic History of Europe and America down to the middle of the 18th century. This course will be a valuable supplement to the course in political history and in Economics, covering a wide range of events in mediaeval and modern times. It will be open to students who have taken with credit either History 1 or Political Economy 1. Professor Ashley will also offer a course for advanced students on the history of Economic Theory up to the time of Adam Smith.

The department of Economics (as the new name is; old name, Political Economy) has been short-handed for some time. The addition of Professor Ashley to its list of teachers will strengthen it in every direction, and give further evidence of the steady enlargement of the resources and advantages of the University.