Crews at New London.

The Yale crew is rowing well and very fast. They rowed over the course one day this week against the tide in 22m. 10s. They rowed only at a 33 stroke. This is good time. The Harvard men are all in good condition. The freshman crew is rowing very well and gives the 'varsity good practice. The men are all in good condition and ought to make a splendid showing June 30. Columbia freshmen are here. They sank in their shell a few days ago and spoiled their boat so they had to send to New Haven for a class boat which they are using now. The Yale Freshmen are expected today.

The men at the Harvard quarters are having examinations every day except Sunday. Today there were twenty men men trying examinations here. The crew has been deprived of the use of the launch several days already. This is a loss seriously felt. The coach is at a serious disadvantage without it. It is to be hoped that there will be a new launch before another crew comes here.

The course was flagged last Monday. The Harvard authorities have not examined them to see whether they are properly located and had nothing whatever to do with putting them up and were not even present at the time, contrary reports notwithstanding.