A Russian Gymnasium.

We take the following account of the Russian gymnasiums from an article recently published in the University News. The Russian gymnasium is a school corresponding to our high schools, but managed by the government and on the whole much like a military school. No one can enter a Russian University without a diploma from some gymnasium. The students in these gymnasiums belong necessarily to the wealthiest families as the course is rather expensive. There is on an average one gymnasium to every large city with an attendance ranging from 300 to 500. All officers and students are obliged to wear uniforms and are much limited in all their actions. No students are allowed out after ten o'clock at night, no magazines or books can be brought into the building, and students are not allowed to take books from any library but that of the gymnasium.

Every gymnasium has a principal appointed by the government, who has the complete management and control of the whole school, and is responsible only to the head officer of education of his district. He has under him a corps of about a dozen instructors, two in each branch. There are usually two overseers in each gymnasium whose duty it is to keep watch over the students and to see that the rules of the institution are obeyed. Each student recites about once in two months and on thee recitations alone his mark is based. It his work is unsatisfactory he is soon expelled.

The gymnasium consists of eight regular classes and one preparatory class. Each class recites five hours a day.