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The freshmen are to be congratulated on the success of their games yesterday afternoon. Although no college records were broken the standard of the records, as freshman records, was very high. Altogether the games were the best of the freshman series for some years. In point of number of entries there was a falling off from last year; this may have been due to the fact that several men of recognized ability, who were sure of winning their respective events, were entered for the games. Such a consideration as this ought not of course to influence men less sure of winning prizes. The fact that certain men have made reputations for themselves at preparatory schools, while it may call up a feelingof pride in their classmates, should not crush out their courage. The fact is that in track athletics good material has often to be discovered from outside; men who have much ability in running or jumping often are not themseves conscious of their ability and consequently take no part in athletics. In this, as in everything else, good material should not be allowed to waste away from lack of self-assertion, or fear of competition. Whatever the cause of the small number of entries, the games did credit to the freshman class.