Yale and Priceton Glee Clubs.

The Yale Glee Club will sing in the following places on their Christmas trip: Philadelphia, Dec. 21, at the Academy of Music; Pittsburg, Dec. 22, Carnegie Hall; Cincinnati, Dec. 25, Odeon Hall; St. Louis, Dec. 26, Entertainment Hall; St. Joseph, Dec. 27, Crawford's Opera House; Omaha, Dec. 28, Boyd's Theatre; Minneapolis, Dec. 29, Lyceum Theatre; St. Paul, Dec. 30, People's Church; Milwaukee, Jan. 2, Stadt Theatre; Chicago, Jan. 3, Central Music Hall; Detroit, Jan. 4, Strassburg's Hall; Cleveland, Jan. 5, Association Hall.

The Princeton Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs will give concerts at Baltimore, Dec. 19, at the Lyceum Theatre; Washington, Dec. 20, Metzerott Music Hall; Richmond, Dec. 21, Mozart Academy of Music; Atlanta, Dec. 22, Marietta Street Theatre; Mobile, Dec. 23, Mobile Theatre; New Orleans, Dec. 25, French Opera House; Vicksburg, Dec. 26, Vicksburg Opera House; Memphis, Dec. 27, Auditorium; Nashville, Dec. 28, Theatre Vendome; Cincinnati, Dec. 29, Odeon; Cleveland, Dec. 30, Y. M. C. A.

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