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We wish to call attention to the address to be given tonight before the Harvard Religious Union by Mr. Ohaunes Chatschumian, one of the leaders of the National Liberal Party of Armenia and at present a student in the Divinity School. The speaker will describe his church and the work of modern American missions in his country. Mr. Chatschumian has been in this country as a representative of the national church, sent to the Chicago Parliament of Religions by the Armenian Patriarch. At the close of the Parliament he decided to come here to Harvard to perfect his knowledge of the English language and incidentally to make some study of American charitable and social institutions. His ultimate aim is to translate the New Testament into the modern Armenian language. His address will be intensely interesting, for the Armenian national church which he will describe is the oldest among Christian churches, embodying the spirit of primitive Christianity. Harvard has been exceptionally fortunate this fall in the number of visits which celebrated men from other countries have paid her after fulfilling their duties at the World's Fair. This address tonight by Mr. Chatschumian will be the fourth delivered here by well-known foreigners within two months. The meeting will be open to all members of the University, and it is hoped that a very large number will attend.

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