Vesper Services.

Bishop Vincent preached at Vespers in Appleton Chapel yesterday afternoon on the value of the Bible. He said it is like a fountain that is always flowing undisturbed by any changes, the same now as it was in the beginning. The Bible has undergone such minute study and criticism in every page, almost in every word, during recent times, that many think it is losing its value and power in the light of science. It is truly being very critically studied by the most able biblical scholars. As a result, some things in it are questioned by scientists, but not one of its spiritual or ethical teachings has been weakened in the least by any of their discoveries. If it could not hold its own against criticism, surely it is time that men recognized the fact; but, in realty, it is triumphant over crititism and proves its claim to be the book most useful and helpful to humanity. It is a book that is full of strength and encouragement for everyone, and no man can afford to neglect it. The activity of the student is ever profitable but never more so than when his attention is directed to the Bible.

The choir sang "Fight the Good Fight," by N. W. Parker; "The Lord is My Shepherd," by Shaw; and "For He Shall Give His Angels," by Rheimberger.