Catalogue for 1893-94.

The Catalogue for 1893-94 has been put on sale. It is in general plan identical with those issued in other years, but the growth of the University has made necessary some forty pages more than were in the catalogue of last year.

The only change announced in the Administrative Officers of the University is the appointment of Richard Cobb as assistant secretary. Mr. Cobb's office hours will be from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. (on Saturdays from 9 a. m. to 12 m.) during term time, and he will also have office hours from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. during August and in the first half of September. Of the Governing Boards, the Fellows have lost through death Mr. Frederick L. Ames, and the Overseers Professor Andrew P. Peabody. In the latter's place Mr. Robert McNeil Morse has been elected. The Overseers who have been elected to hold office until 1899 are Moses Williams, Samuel Hoar, Arthur T. Lyman, William A. Bancroft, and Robert S. Peabody. In the list of university preachers John H. Vincent, D. D., and Samuel M. Crothers have been appointed to succeed Lyman Abbott, D. D., and Charles C. Everett, D. D.

The number in the Faculty has been increased from 78 to 87, Professor Hermann A. Hagen has been removed by death and Professor William H. Burr has accepted a call outside of the University. Of the new members of Faculty all but two,- Professor Ira N. Hollis and Mr. E. L. Conant-have been previously connected as instructors or assistants with the University. John C. Wait has been appointed Assistant Professor of Engineering, and besides him Robert W. Wilson, Ph. D., Max Poll, Ph. D., George Santayana, Ph. D., George W. Fitz, M. D., Herman W. Hayley, Ph. D., Maxime Bocher, Ph. D., Charles B. Davenport, Ph. D., and Mr. Byron S. Hurlbut have been promoted to the Faculty. Twenty-five former instructors and assistants have left the University. In their place thirty-six new men have been elected, so that the number is on the whole slightly increased.

No other changes have been made in the Divisions and Departments of the Faculty than the substitution of Assistant Professor Sheldon as chairman of the Italian and Spanish Department for Professor Charles Eliot Norton; of Astistant Professor Moore as chairman of the Fine Art Department, also for Professor Norton; and of Professor Hollis as chairman of the Engineering Department for Professor Burr. A welcome increase is noted in the number of public lectures given by members of the Board of Instruction. In 1891-92 there were 59 such lectures; last year there were 86. College conferences were discontinued last year, but an addition was made to the list of seminaries and conferences by the creation of a mathematical seminary.

In the Administrative Board of the College, the places of Professors Norton and Davis have been taken by Professor Allen and Assistant Professor Schilling. Five new scholarships have been announced as open to undergraduates: the Orlando W. Doe Scholarship with an income of $100; the Lady Moulson Scholarship with an income of $200; the Sales Scholarship, two in number, with an income of $100 each; and the Saltonstall Scholarship with an income of $150.

The following statement in regard to the new dormitories is valuable.

"Conant and Perkins Halls, the new dormitories now building on Oxford street, are expected to be ready for occupancy at the beginning of the accademic year 1894-95. Due notice will be given at the Bursar's office if rooms in these buildings can be drawn in May next. Conant Hall will contain 47 rooms, of which 44 will be connecting bedrooms. Perkins Hall will contain 86 rooms, all with connecting bedrooms. Both buildings will have bathrooms on every floor. The scale of prices for rooms in these buildings has not been fixed, but the terms of the gift in the case of Perkins Hall render it certain that rents will not be high. In both buildings, each suite-study, bedroom, and closets-will be large enough to accommodate two students."

In the Administrative Board of the Lawrence Scientific School only slight changes have been made. Professor Hollis and Dr. Fitz have taken the places of Professor Burr and Assistant Professor von Jagemann. The School has added to its list of courses one in Mechanical Engineering.

Assistant Professor von Jagemann and Professor Farlow are the new members of the Administrative Board of the Graduate School. Mr. John E. Russell has been appointed to the Faculty of the Divinity School, and Mr. E. L. Conant to the faculty of the Law School. The Law School publishes a list of degrees the holders of which will, after the year 1895-96, be admitted without examination, and its more stringent regulations in regard to special students. In these schools no other important changes have been made.

William M. Richardson, M. D., has succeeded Henry P. Bowditch, M. D., as Dean of the Medical School. James P. Putnam, M. D., and William T. Porter, M. D., have been appointed to the Faculy to fill the places left vacant by the withdrawal of Samuel J. Mixter, M. D., and William H. Howell, M. D. There are eighteen new instructors with a net gain of ten. Two new scholarships-the Claudius M. Jones and Orlando W. Doe-have been announced. The first has an income of $250, the second of $100.

J. Collins Warren, M. D., takes the place of David W. Cheever as Professor of Surgery at the Dental and Veterinary Schools. In the work of the Summer School in 1894, courses in American History and in Horticulture which were given last summer will be omitted, but the number of courses in English will be increased from one to two. The books in the several libraries of the University have increased within a year from 409,400 to 413,650.

The following table shows the increase in the number of teachers and students. There are in these tables many variations from the provisional statistics published at the beginning of the year:


'92-'93. '93-'94.

Professors, 82 83

Associate Professors, 4 3