No Headline

WITH this number of the CRIMSON the senior board, according to custom, surrenders the paper to the charge of Ninety-Four. The Ninety-Three board have aimed constantly to make the CRIMSON as useful as possible, by publishing the most important news, opening its columns freely to the use of the college, and expressing, as best they could, that vague quality known as college opinion.

It is unnecessary to attempt any review of the past half-year. No matters of any serious importance have arisen in the University till lately. The reconsideration of the vote of the Faculty, in regard to the Freshman Musical Clubs, was welcome to to the college as an evidence of the fair mindedness of the Faculty. The football game was encouraging in its promise of success in the future, and, if certain features of the game were objectionable, the sentiment of the college was clearly expressed at the time. The question of intercollegiate athletics is at present the absorbing topic, and, now that Yale has finally taken her stand, we hope that affairs can be amicably and speedily settled between us.

As the past year has been successful in every direction, we hope that the coming year will be even more so, both for the University and for the CRIMSON.