Whist Tournament.

The sections for the first round of the whist tournament have been made up as follows: Section 1. Couple 1. C. T. Tatman, R. K. Shaw. 2. W. B. Aspinwall, W. C. Widdemer. 3. E. H. Warren, W. H. McClintock. 4. C. T. Keller, T. Parker. Section 11. Couple 1. S. S. Bartlett, D. Tooker. 2. F. C. Thwaites, Humphreys. 3. M. S. Wheeler, L. W. Mott. 4. C. E. Hutchison, P. B. Goetz. Section 111. Couple 1. A. J. Boyden, L. Cobb. 2. T. D. Baldwin, E. H. Brown. 3. E. H. Clark, C. L. Bremer. 4. W. T. Denison, C. D. Booth. Section IV. Couple 1. C. B. Earle, F. F. Dresser. 2. M. Bartlett, R. L. Manning. 3. H. C. Wellman, A. P. Carter. 4. L. M. Friedman, C. H. Lincoln. Section V. Couple 1. E. Brown, E. W. Ryerson. 2. R. J. Mulford, H. Totten. 3. W. A. Barber, W. Hill. 4. T. Spaulding. G. S. T. Newell. Section VI. Couple 1. T. J. Cushing, F. S. Eddy. 2. E. N. Jones, G. L. Paine. 3. B. C. Jutten, E. A. Howes. 4. H. L. Belisle, W. A. Preston. Section VII. Couple 1. E. R. Coffin, J. R. Webster. 5. G. A. Davis, E. Mellus. 3. W. A. Parker, L. H. Greenwood. 4. E. C. Stiness, F. P. Gulliver. 5. M. W. Watraus, F. D. Bolman.

Each couple will play sixteen hands with every other couple in the same section. In case of a tie score, four more hands are to be played. The results of all matches in the first round must be left in writing before March 11. with J. Rowe Webster, 6 Thayer. Authority for all disputed points is Cavendish, 20th edition. The two winning couples of each section will go into the second round.