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Mr. Hammond Lamont will lecture to-night in Sever 11 on "The College Graduate on a Newspaper." This is an opportunity which has seldom, if ever, been given us before. The number of college graduates who take up journalism as a profession is constantly growing and the lecture to-night will doubtless appeal to many students of the University. Mr. Lamont is peculiarly fitted to speak on the subject. Since he graduated in '86 he has, until this year when he accepted the position as Instructor in the English Department, been actively engaged in journalism. There is probably no one else among the instructors here at college who has had so long an experience as a reporter and special correspondent. The lecture to-night, then, will doubtless be interesting to everybody and particularly valuable to those who expect to engage in journalism after leaving college. We take especial pleasure in calling the attention of the University to Mr. Lamont as we can claim him as a former editor of the CRIMSON.