Yale Society Elections.

The election of men for the senior societies at Yale took place last Thursday. According to custom the classes assembled in front of the fence and there the chosen juniors were notified of election to one of the senior societies.

The following were the men elected:

Skull and Bones - Phillip H. McMillan, C. F. Ward, John Howland, Meredith Hare, Harry Whitney, Walter E. Stewart. John Loomer Hall, L. S. Stillman, George B. Case, Thomas F. Davies, W. S. Walcott, Thomas Cochran, Ralph D. Paine, Robert C. James.

Scroll and Keys - C. R. Skinker, Litchworth Smith, J. C. Sawyer, Earl Sheffield, W. M. Raymond, H. Bishop Perkins. A. A. Bigelow, Arthur Judson, Guy B. Miller, Fred Perkins, Alonzo Potter, T. L. Polk, Calvin Burr, Thomas Arbuthnot, Casselbury Dunkerson.

Wolf's Head - James C. Brown, A. N. C. Fowler, C. H. George, Dean Lyman. William Todd, A. S. Cleveland, N. W. Green, R. H. Worthington, W. H. Salmon, C. C. Hixon, R. H. Nichols, James E. Brown, James S. Jenkins. O. S. Seymour and H. B. Mackey.