The Niagara Book.

A new guide and souvenir of Niagara Falls will be published on June 8, by Walter C. Nichols and Irving S. Underhill, which promises to be the be to thing of its sort ever gotten up. It is interesting to us, as one of the editors Mr. Nichols, is a member of the class of '93. Last year he was managing editor of the CRIMSON, and was also a member of the Lampoon board. At present he is in Buffalo busy with journalism, but will return this spring to take his degree with '93.

The book will be 12 mo., of about three hundred pages, well printed on unusually good paper. It will be fully illustrated by New York's great illustrator, Harry Fenn, and will contain sketches, stories, and essays, - descriptive, humorous. Historical, and scientific, written exclusively for the book, by William D. Howells, Mark Twain, Nathaniel S. Shaler, and others.