The seems to be unusual interest in football this season. Not only is there annual number of strong candidates for eleven, but the graduates are shipped by their constant attendance they are more anxious than ever beat Yesterday there were on the field several 'varsity players of former day Jeorge Stewart '84 and Everett Label are to coach regularly through the each brough several others will be on anti different times.

About twenty-five candidates reported at Sorrento early in July, and went later to New castle, in order to make it handier for the coaches to get at them. They spent in all about two weeks before they disbanded. Early in September, again, Captain Waters got the backs together, and on September 18, the whole squad began regular work. Of the old players, Emmons, Acton, Mackie, Gray, Brewer and Waters have been playing regularly. Newell appeared yesterday, but will not play, for the present, at least. Upton and Corbett are expected to return shortly.

There seems to be a good list of new players. Garfield, son of the late President Garfield, who played so well for Williams at half back last year, will enter the Law School and will try for a position on the eleven. Aside from several good men who have played on their class elevens there are a few from the preparatory schools, notably Stevenson, captain of Hopkinson's, Howard Beal from Belmont, W. A. Johnson from Technology, where he played tackle, Houghton a new man from St. Paul, Minn., where he played on a high school eleven, Connor from Exeter, E. N. Wrightington from Brookline High School, all trying for positions in the rush line, and D. Dunlof from Brown and Nichols, Beale from Boston Latin, and, Lovering, Cambridge Latin, for players behind the line. There are several other strong candidates. The most prominent quarter-backs are D. C. Fairchild, A. Foster and A. H. Gould, all of ninety-six.