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The plant of the CRIMSON has been very much enlarged this year and improvements have been made in various departments which have practically reduced the friction of the work to a minimum. In the first place, the papers, which have hitherto been printed in Cambridgeport, are now printed on the premises. This will enable us to get all the news, no matter how late it comes in and will also help us in having the papers promptly delivered. Our mailing to out-of-town subscribers will be done at 3.45 each morning, which will get the papers to their destination on the day of issue. This is done, we believe, by no other college daily in the country. The subscription system has been very much simplified and improved. Another editorial room has been added and someone will almost invariably be there in the afternoon and evening to receive subscriptions and give information. Subscribers will aid us greatly in our effort to perfect the paper if they will notify us promptly of mistakes of any kind.