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Those who have watched the practice of the 'varsity eleven during the past week have recognized without being told that there is a great lack of material for the centre and guards. Today appears a notice from Captain Waters calling for heavy men, whether experienced or not. The need is a serious one. If a man has weight, a sound constitution and an interest in our success in athletics, he will do a sportsmanlike and manly action to offer himself to the 'varsity captain. No matter what his experience has been he will be cordially welcomed. The coachers are willing and even anxious to take upon themselves all the responsibility of developing him. If in time the candidate succeeds, his reward is great; if he fails he will in all probability have lost nothing, but will still be the gainer in many ways. However this may be, unrestricted loyalty to the University demands hearty support of the athletic teams. Let it be given now by those who are naturally qualified to give.