Funeral of Mr. Bolles.

The following notice has been issued by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. As the funeral of Frank Bolles, late Secretary of the University, will take place in Appleton Chapel, on Saturday, January 13th, at a quarter past twelve, all exercises under this Faculty, appointed for twelve o'clock on that day, will be omitted.

CHARLES F. DUNBAR, Dean.The following men will act as ushers: From the officers of the University, Professor Briggs, Professor Bartlett, Mr. C. P. Parker, and Mr. R. Cobb; from the students, G. C. Lee '94, H. C. Lakin '94, R. W. Emmons '95, and P. L. Horne, Gr.; also Mr. W. R. Thayer and J. O. Henshaw.

There will be no pall-bearers. The interment will be at Forest Hills cemetery.