Athletics at Princeton.

An important meeting of the Graduate Advisory and Executive Committees of the Princeton Athletic Association was held last Saturday, and a radical change in the management of athletics was brought forward for consideration. The new scheme is to abolish the office of University Treasurer, and to have managers of the various associations instead of treasurers. To perform the duties of these offices there will be elected a general athletic treasurer, who will take charge of all accounts and moneys handled by the various associations. The proposed amendments to the constitution provide that this treasurer shall receive a fixed salary for his services, and shall not be pursuing a regular course for a degree in college. He is to have charge of the training table, athletic grounds, buildings and grand stand, and will supervise all repairs and alterations upon the grounds. He will have an office and regular office hours.

These arrangements will doubtless be ratified very soon by the college. The change is one that will put all athletics in the college on a firmer basis, and provides for a more business-like supervision of the finances of the various athletic associations.

At the same meeting the advisory committee announced the appointment of Mr. J. B. Fine as head coach in foot-ball next season. On their recommendation a motion was passed to the effect that the joint committee should authorize the expenditure through Mr. Fine of money only for travelling expenses and board bills of such coaches as are invited, and for such times only as they are asked for.