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It seems strange that it should be necessary to call the attention of the student body to an action so flagrantly opposed to the high ideas of honor on which Harvard men pride themselves as the misuse of books provided by the University libraries. We refer to the way in which some men, - their number we are sure is not large, - appropriate reserved books to their own uses with absolute disregard of the convenience of their fellow students. Perhaps this is too mild a criticism of a man who takes from the shelves a greater number of books than his immediate needs require and gloats over his ill-gotten gains in some obscure alcove. What is to be said then of a man who takes away reserved books that are in great demand without duly charging them and uses them in his room? Whether he returns them eventually or not does not affect his case. He is liable not only to criminal indictment, as the notice in the library reads, but to the more serious condemnation of a community that will not allow its most fundamental principles to be trampled upon with impunity.