Crew Notes.

'Varsity Crew.

Yesterday the 'varsity crew, instead of rowing in the Carey Building, took a long walk which ended in a short run. It seems that this form of exercise will be taken quite frequently during the coming winter as being a far more healthful form of exercise than the former methods of shorter and more exhausting runs. In order to avoid the annoyance which a large crowd of onlookers makes to the coaches, the rowing room in the Carey Building will be open to visitors only Wednesday afternoons.

Freshman Crew.Owing to the appearance on the freshman rowing squad of several football men, there are now some 25 candidates. The first crew has been using the slide for two weeks. The method of the stroke seems to be a long swing of the body accompanied with a most excellent drive with the legs. The candidates are all muscular and few weigh under one hundred and sixty pounds.

Sophomore Crew.The candidates for the ninety-seven crew practiced on the machines in the Gymnasium for the second time yesterday afternoon. The men have been divided into three crews irrespective of merit, and will continue to work in this way until after Christmas. Besides the work on the machines the men are put through dumb bell exercises every day, after which they take a run up to Porter's Station.

After Christmas the crew will be materially strengthened by the addition of the sophomores who are dropped from the 'varsity squads.