Future of Yale Football.

It is ascertained positively that at the last meeting of the Yale Faculty before the end of the term, and the first after the Springfield game, two resolutions were introduced by one of the professors for the purpose of restricting football. One of these prohibited any game with Harvard next year. The other prohibited any game outside of New England hereafter. The resolutions were not discussed at all but were deferred with the understanding that the whole subject of football should come up at the beginning of the coming term.

It is understood also that the resolution when brought up again will be modified so as to provide for discussion of the subject by a faculty special committee with the Yale football managers, graduate and undergraduate, before any final decision is made. It seems very probable that this discussion will be amplified so as to take in other colleges and lead, if possible, to some arrangement common to all in the official regulation of the game. Should such an arrangement fail, Yale will have to face alone the question of abolishing or modifying the game.

One professor can be quoted as saying he will introduce a motion to abolish the game. Considerable numbers of professors express themselves, if football is to go on, as in favor of a dual league with Harvard and treating other games as subsidiary and for "practice" merely.