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All entries for the Winter Meetings must be made before tonight. More entries are needed and the whole University understands that they are; strong hopes are entertained by the management that not a few men will present themselves at this eleventh hour, and all men, who take a pride in seeing everything Harvard made a success, will share this hope. Let us speak a frank word about this. The Winter Meetings are losing their popularity and whether they would be advisable another year is a matter of doubt. The fact remains that this year they have been planned, advertised, and must be held. Men who could do anything at all in the different events would add to the success of the meetings by the mere fact of the zest given to competition through the added numbers. Why should not such men enter? They will do themselves good and will render a real service to the University.

We do not appeal, in behalf of the management, for more entries because, without them, the meetings will be a failure. This would not be at all true. The meetings will be a success, in any case, the outside athletes who will give exbitions would alone make any athletic meeting a success, but what we want is a success, not so much brought by outsiders as achieved by ourselves.