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In connection with the numerous accessions to the University Library, made with every month, there is no corresponding increase of accommodations. The Library is now filled to its utmost capacity and, in fact, it has not room enough for all the books which properly belong within its walls. In order to make room for new books it has been found necessary to box up and remove about fifteen thousand of the oldest and least used books. It is supposed that this will give room for about a year's accession of new books and pamphlets, but, at the end of the year, the operation will have to repeated, and at that time books of a greater usefulness will have to be taken. If accommodations are not increased, there seems to be no escape from a situation in which every accession to the Library would be accompanied by an equal depletion. It is to be hoped that some way of building the much needed extension of the Library will be found, before further movements of this sort are rendered necessary.