'Varsity Nine.

The baseball practice yesterday was on the whole the most satisfactory of the season. The base-running of the first nine was sharp, and Dickinson and Cook hit the ball in good style. Perry and Paine, the freshman pitchers on the second nine, were both very wild. Today the two nines will probably play a practice game. The men will go to the training table next Wednesday. The men played yesterday in this order:

First nine.- p., Ames; c. O'Malley; 1b., Dickinson; 2b., Whittemore; 3b., Cook; s.s., Stevenson; l.f., McCarthy; c.f., Gonterman; r.f. Garrison.

Second nine.- p. Perry and Paine; c., Scannell; 1b., Griffin; 2b., Dean; 3b., Winslow; s.s., Hapgood; l.f., Phelan; c.f., Hayes; r.f., Manley.