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We are glad to see that arrangements are being made for another Yale debate. At the beginning of the year it was expected that there would be a triangular debating league composed of Yale, Princeton and Harvard, and, in such case, Harvard would have debated once with Yale and once with Princeton. The triangular league, however, has not been realized. Princeton, although asking for participation in debates which Harvard and Yale had already formed on a certain definite plan, wished that this plan should be altered so as better to conform with the method of debate to which Princeton men are accustomed. The request was, naturally enough, not granted by Yale or Harvard, and Princeton declined to debate on other terms.

Yale and Harvard, both disappointed in their expectation of a Princeton debate, have turned to eachother and have decided to hold a second debate, as has been the custom in past years. We hope to see this custom maintained in future. In our opinion, two Yale debates are far preferable to one Yale and one Princeton debate. Intercollegiate debates are as yet in their infancy. They are just making themselves established as recognized and well-known institutions of the University. The policy of the debating societies ought to be such as to make them still better established. Now to make any sort of activity established as a university institution, two things are necessary,- first, the activity must be made of such a character as to merit general support, and, secondly, it must be conducted in practically the same way year after year, so that students shall learn to expect and to await its different events. The more change there is, the less well-known will be the institution. Where interest is small, it must be concentrated: if diffused, it will not make itself felt at all. A certain amount of interest, quite sufficient to make Yale debates a success, would probably be much weakened if divided between Yale and Princeton debates. Princeton debates may come in time, but the needs of the present are for one chief rival and one only.