The Co-operative Society.

In spite of the proverbial hard times which have prevailed during the past year the Cooperative Society has continued to prosper and has done a larger business than ever before. The member ship this year is 1681 as against 1492 last year and 1298 the year before. The receipts for this year cannot of course be given accurately till the books have been made up at the end of the year, but they will probably amount to about $113,000, an increase of $12,000 over the business of last year. It can be seen readily that a large part of these receipts comes from persons who are not members of the society, for, by dividing the total receipts from all sources by the number of members, we have about $67, a much greater sum, certainly, than is spent by most members.

Considerable improvement has been made during the year in the tailoring department and it now constitutes one of the most important departments of the society. The shoe repairing department which was started last winter has been successful beyond all expectations.

The store of the Cooperative Society will be closed June 30, the Saturday after Commencement, and will bs opened again a week before College begins next fall.