Notice to Seniors.

The Class Day Committee regrets that its inspectors have found tickets which students have sold. Consequently it announces that admission will be refused on Memorial Hall tickets numbered 5380, 5381, 5382, 5383, 5384, 5385, 5386, 5387, 5388, 5389, 6259, 6260, 6873, 6874; also on Yard tickets 441, 442, 2309, 2310, 2311, 7034 add 10800.

If the junior who openly defied the committee to refuse admission on tickets which he purchased from a senior will call at Grays 17 this morning and explain his conduct the tickets will not be declared void. Otherwise the 39 tickets purchased by the senior in question will be declared worthless and the ticket-takers will not accept them for admission.

RUSSELL B. BEALS, Chairman Class Day Committee.