Track Athletic Notes.

The first meeting of interest to the track athletic candidates will be the annual games of the Boston Athletic Association which will be held in Mechanics Hall on the evening of February 9. The list of events has not been finally decided upon but will probably include 40 yds. dash. 440 yds., 880 yds, and one mile runs, high jump, and 16 1b. shot (all handicaps) and an invitation mile run (scratch). There will also be some seven team races including the one between Harvard and U. of P.

In spite of all that has been in the daily papers on the subject there seems to have been nothing done officially with regard to an international contest this year. It is hardly likely that any advances will be made before the business meeting of the International Athletic Association in February.

Among the graduates who have declared their intention to come out to the meeting of candidates for the team on Monday are G. B. Morrison '83, chairman of the Graduate Advisory Committee, W. H. Goodwin '84, who holds the Harvard record in the half-mile, G. S. Mandell, captain of the '89 team, R. S. Hale '91, who holds the record in the mile walk, and several others.